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Flange Linear Bearing


                                                                ZNZ Flange Linear Bearings

        LM Asia Series          KB Europe Series         SW Inch System Series                                                       

Circular Flange:                  LMF                              KBF                                     SWF

Square Flange:                   LMK                              KBK                                     SWK

Oval     Flange:                    LMT                                 -                                            - 

Pilot Pattern Circular:         LMFP                              -                                            - 

Pilot Pattern Square:          LMFK                              -                                            - 

Pilot Pattern Circular:         LMTP                              -                                            - 

Long Centered Circular:    LMFC-L                       KBFC-L                              SWFC-L

Long Centered Circular:    LMKC-L                      KBKC-L                               SWKC-L

Long Centered Square:     LMTC-L                            -                                           - 

Long Type Flange:              LMF-L                           KBF-L                                  SWF-L


We provides various flanged type Linear Bearings to suit the diverse customer needs. 
Flanged type Linear Bearing allow easy installation and users wider designing capabilites.

Flanges are tightly attached to the outer sleeves giving solid holding strength. 
This circular Flange type is the prototype of other flanged type Linear Bushings. 
Provide easy Installation by the single body shape.

Type LMF: This is the metric dimension series with seal used most frequently in Korea and Japan.

Type KBF: This is the metric dimension series with seal used most frequently in Europe.

Type SWF: This is the inch dimension series with seal used most frequently in UK&USA.